By Christopher Pearson

Miami-based DMR Mobility & Health has emerged as the leader in providing scooters and lift chairs because of a highly sought-after and elusive factor called: outstanding customer service. This is good news because in today’s reimbursement climate, post-Medicare Competitive Bidding program clients are finding it hard to get providers to accept assignment and provide a much-needed scooter or lift chair. Even people with Medicaid and private insurance are experiencing problems, since most insurers adopt an even lower fee schedule than Medicare. For a scooter, Medicare will allow $1,068.47, of which only 80 percent or $855 is paid. Reimbursement on a lift chair is even worse at an allowance of $330, with an 80 percent reimbursement, or about $264.

Providers who accept assignment must do a great deal of paperwork, which may require multiple doctor visits for the client. Many times, both the provider and client are overwhelmed and give up throughout the lengthy process. As a result, more and more consumers are purchasing scooters and lift chairs at retail stores at high prices.

DMR has the experienced and compassionate staff to assist consumers who have chosen to navigate the healthcare maze. Consumers can visit the corporation’s South Miami store, meet with a well-trained associate to discuss their needs and wants, see and try the various scooters and lift chairs and leave with one that same day. 

DMR offers same-day home delivery and set up on lift chairs for a nominal fee. The company carries only reputable brands such as Golden Technology, Pride, Enhance Mobility and Merits, all of which offer high-quality products and warranties. Customers also will find at DMR manual and power wheelchairs, adjustable beds, bathroom safety equipment and other items to promote independence.

In today’s rapid pace healthcare environment, a doctor’s appointment often is a short 15 minutes, which means people may leave with many unanswered questions. DMR goes the extra mile to explain the health benefits and safety measures of evert of medical equipment. The corporation accepts all major credit cards and offers financing with onsite credit applications through Care Credit, which often provides immediate approvals.

DMR Mobility & Health is located at 5802 Bird Road in South Miami. For more information, visit or call 786-534-7440.

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