Fashion Trends For Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer Wardrobe


By Jennifer Dean

Warmer weather means shopping for fashions that will keep you on-trend throughout the season.  Whether you prefer an understated look or like to make bold wardrobe choices, you should be able to adopt a few trends that are a perfect addition to your closet.

White Dresses
Flaunt your femininity with a romantic, flowy white sundress this season. You’ll be looking angelic and feeling beautiful.  Choose a plain style or one adorned with ribbons and lace.

Bucket Hats
Look cute while you battle a bad hair day this summer with a bucket hat.  Choose one in a cool pastel color or get several to match all your casual outfits.

Instead of buckles and bows, the current trend in keeping fabric together is through knots. Knots can be functional or decorative and are found on jackets, pants and even tops.

Femininity is a buzzword this summer, and lace is a beautifully traditional detail to include in your wardrobe.  A little bit of lace on a skirt or the bodice of a blouse goes a long way.

Bold Collars
If you know about disco style, you might picture huge pointed collared shirts underneath leisure suits.  The suits aren’t back, but the collars are getting bigger and bolder.

Victorian Puffed Sleeves
This summer you’ll see huge sleeves gathered purposefully in a way that mimics the turn of the last century.

Bermuda Length Shorts
You’ll find Bermuda length shorts in denim and other casual fabrics, but you’ll see them made with upscale materials as well.  Wear them with a t-shirt and sneakers or with heels.

Neon colors like hot pink, electric orange and lime green are everywhere in all kinds of pieces.

Tropical Prints
Big, bold, tropical styles are the hottest patterns of the season.  Wear a tropical floral print on a dress, a top, a jumpsuit or pants.

Strappy Shoes
Strappy shoes remain popular this season.  To take this trend to the next level, wrap the straps over your pants where they can be seen.

Sheer Layer
Sheer fabric provides a cool and comfortable vibe.  Wear a strapless top with an oversized, sheer top. Sheer fabric with an iridescent glow is an especially popular option for Summer shorts.

Short Suits
Shorts are finally becoming acceptable in the workplace.  A shorts suit consists of long shorts and a matching jacket.

Square Toed Shoes
Square is the shape of footwear this summer, especially in sandals.  Whether open or closed-toe, you’ll find all kinds of styles squared off in the front.

Summer is the perfect time to strut your style with a newly updated wardrobe. Start with one of these fashion trends, and you’ll be turning heads.

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