By Elizabeth Impastato

Finding the WHY involves self-motivation and encouragement. 
The difference between motivation and encouragement leads you to finding the Why. 

To be motivated is not linked to a particular feeling.  Motivation can be thought of as one or more reasons for acting in a certain way.  You can use personal reasons to encourage yourself to find the WHY.  Now that you can discover reasons to encourage yourself to be motivated find the WHY. 

It is much easier to find the WHY you should not do something.  But how do you find the why you should do something? 

Choose to do something because it will:

• Clear your mind

• Reduces stress 

• Help you be relaxed 

Look at the task you must get done.  Can the task be accomplished with the help of others around you?  Try asking role models what helps them stay motivated to do tasks.  You can try having a set time to accomplish the task, to stay motivated and encouraged or you can break up the task into parts and offset the unpleasant part of the task with something pleasurable.  One example would be to listen to music while working.  You should write down the task giving yourself a visual.  Looking for the WHY can be like a game you play by visualizing the task completed.  Tell yourself, being honest, “no excuses.”  If fear is holding you back from the task, ask yourself what about the fear is stopping you from the task.  Most are held back by the fear of making a mistake.  My students at IMPASTATO GALLERY & ART THERAPY hear from me, “there is no such thing as a mistake.”  Ask yourself, “can this be fixed?”  You can develop concrete plans that help others accomplish certain tasks.  The reward of helping others will help you gain skills and motivation that encourage you.  This is how you find the why!

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