A hot cup of tea can mean relaxation,  a time out iStock_000037995688Mediumfor yourself,  a means to center your energy, or even just a retreat from the world for a few minutes of personal reflection. That is not new wisdom either. In parts of the world,  a good, hot cup of tea has provided solace and rejuvenation for thousands of years.

Now modern wellness experts recognize that besides the emotional balm a tea break can provide, some teas can heal everything from an upset stomach, to sleeplessness, to depression. Here are the best three teas to help you get through the symptoms of day-to-day anxiety:


  • Spicy and fragrant, this pert-tasting herbal tea offers relief from headaches and anxiety. Its high doses of calcium and iron make it a great source of minerals, and studies even show it’s rich in antioxidants.
  • In parts of Europe, rosemary is often used to fight indigestion. Some herbal tea users also say it helps improve blood circulation and enhances memory and concentration. Medical studies indicate it can also do much to prevent macular (optical) decay, prevent brain aging, and relieve indigestion.
  • Rosemary tea is a simple recipe – just use one tablespoon of dried rosemary leaves for one cup of tea.


  • One of the most famous teas, the oils of this gentle-tasting brew provide relief from stomach and digestive problems, including colitis.  It’s used as a relaxer to aid in a good night’s sleep. The fresh taste, not unlike apples, is strong but not overpowering or bitter, so it’s a great complement to breakfast toast or fruit.
  • In most cases, chamomile is available in either German or Roman (also called English) varieties. It’s sold as crushed flowers or as a tea infusion, and one tablespoon is enough for one cup. When used over several months, it can even help chronic sleep and stomach issues.


  • While the sharp taste and distinct aroma might challenge some tea drinkers, the herb thyme can help reduce coughing, alleviate painful bronchitis symptoms, and relieve common sinus pressure. It works to cleanse the organs of the body, boosting the immune system and also helping in urination and menstruation.
  • When making tea, thyme takes a little time. Use two teaspoons of the dried herb per cup, and steep for ten minutes. For the best results, drink one cup three times a day.

By Michael Kabel

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