Florals & Denim

Floral patterns have trended their way from fall right into this year’s spring fashion lines. From long floral chiffons to short sundresses, you’ll want to pair a few pieces with your denim and cowboy boots. Fashionistas are adding florals to everything! From shirts, jackets and dresses to purses, skirts and accessories. Whether you’re attending a casual event or a formal wedding, when you incorporate floral patterns you’ll quickly find yourself on
the best-dressed list.

You may have noticed a major influx of boots in department stores last winter. Cowboy boots in all colors and styles have become the trending spring wardrobe.

Dress them up with a lace dress or dress them down with a sundress. Regardless of your pairing, you will fit right in this spring.

Long crystal earrings and purses in all colors bring your floral and denim look together.

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