Your mouth can tell much about your overall health. In fact, serious health conditions like diabetes and leukemia are reportedly first detected in the mouth by a dentist. The connection between oral health and overall general health is indeed very strong. For example, gum disease is caused by destructive bacteria which can enter the blood stream and cause systemic disease.

If your mouth is a mirror to your health, then good oral care should be part of your daily health regimen. Just a few minutes of flossing a day could add years to your life by preventing disease. Flossing ejects old food and debris from your gums that could lead to inflammation. Again, inflamed gums are a sign of chronic bacterial infection. When bacteria find its way to your organs it may potentially cause plaque buildup, which may trigger heart disease. Flossing is one of the top ways to prevent inflammation in the mouth! Practicing healthy habits every day is a proactive approach to living a longer healthier life.

Tips on flossing:

  1. Buy waxed floss for easy gliding between teeth.18196564_ml
  2. Be certain to get the hard to reach back teeth where most food accumulates.
  3. Many find it easier to floss after brushing since the floss glides easier. Rinse mouth thoroughly after.
  4. Floss before bedtime to remove food and debris eaten throughout the day.
  5. If traditional floss is difficult for you to use, try a Y-shaped floss device.



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