by Tami Charbonnet

Linda Ayers, owner of Houma’s favorite classic hamburger spot, Ground Pat’i, joined our team at Inspire Health Magazine and Eat Fit to offer the tri-parish community fresh, healthy menu options. This family style restaurant is now popping with excited patrons as they look forward to enjoying
the nostalgic feel of Ground Pat’i coupled with fantastic new  menu options. Linda explains, “At Ground Pat’i, we are proud to serve quality food, offer great service and now our guests have the option to dine with clean healthy meals approved by Ochsner’s Eat Fit program. Ground Pat’i is where nutritious meets delicious.” Linda comes from a strong family background rooted deep in Italian heritage: “Food was always important in our family. Using fresh food from the garden was a favorite choice.”


Linda explains, “when I bought Ground Pat’i in 2010, I was excited to have the ‘Lighten Up’ menu.
I worked with vendors to assure I used only the best quality food available.” The quality of food, great service and a clean environment is of utmost importance to Linda. She has certainly accomplished her goal. Ground Pat’i is a fun, welcoming, casual, hometown atmosphere where family and friends dine together, laugh together and enjoy a variety of delicious healthy foods with the best and most consistent service in town. Linda Ayers is excited to present her new, delicious menu designed and created for patrons with a propensity for health and wellness. For the love of clean food, head over to Ground Pat’i, and enjoy!


Ground Pat’i Owner, Linda Ayers
101 Bayou Gardens Blvd
houmagroundpati.comEat Fit SEAL_Orange-2

“In the spring, I teamed up with the Ochsner Eat Fit program. I was very interested in this program because it allowed me to move one step closer to a totally healthy choice for my customers. We started with the ‘Lighten Up’ menu and made changes per the nutritional guidelines used in the Eat Fit program. For instance, we do not use liquid butter and lemon to baste the grilled fish. Instead, we now use Canola oil and lemon. We also serve Mahi Mahi, Ahi tuna, and wild caught salmon. We changed our Turkey Pat’i because the one we were using had too much sodium. The Turkey Pat’i we are now using is lower in sodium and absolutely delicious. We have a center cut pork chop, and our LA shrimp basted with our own marinade was approved by the Eat Fit program.”

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