By Towny Robinson

It’s scary! Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, memory loss…it’s scary to talk, and even think about.  Will it affect you? Your family? How should we view the possibility that this might affect us or our family?  And what educated steps can we take to age gracefully and normally regarding our mental faculties?

Fortunately, there’s hope. There’s new information on how to assess risk with proven prevention strategies that gives you the best chance to prevent abnormal mental aging.  There are also natural, proven “Medical Food” remedies available to address nerve cell inflammation, oxidative stress, protein plaques and tangles.  This prevents or arrests brain cell death and successfully treats the symptoms of memory loss and cognitive dysfunction helping to restore lost brain tissue and connectivity.

More than 100 billion nerve cells make up your brain.  As you age, your brain wears thanks to factors like environmental stressors, toxic exposure, trauma, disease and heredity.  And silently, beginning in your 40s, the Pre-clinical Stage of Alzheimer’s disease can begin to occur as plaques and tangles choke nerve cells and deteriorate your brain.  All of the leading medical experts in this field now recognize that these diseases develop slowly and silently over 20 to 30 years.  This period is the time to treat and prevent the possible dementia that can occur in your late 60s.

Let’s take a trip deep inside the brain to the hippocampus, the area where much of your memory is stored.  Besides being loaded with more than 10 billion nerve cells which store memory, it also contains nerve stem cells or what can become potential new nerve cells.  For people who have certain risk factors, these cells begin to clog inside and outside with stickers called plaques and tangles.  Because these stickers are foreign bodies the areas around them become inflamed and eventually, the nerve cells die.  This is called apoptosis.  What’s more, the inflammation prevents new cells from growing and replacing the dead cells.  If this death process is allowed to continue, it leaves the hippocampus area and can infect all the areas of the brain killing cells and creating holes in brain tissue that lead to the memory loss dementia of the Alzheimer’s disease process, along with a host of other mental issues.  Obviously, we need to stop this process early before these cell deaths.

Science has identified a group of natural ingredients that work together and are clinically proven to prevent, arrest, treat and restore the Alzheimer’s disease process, memory loss and cognitive dysfunction at the cellular level.  All these ingredients are contained in a non-prescription, FDA regulated “Medical Food” called LUMA TC.  Experts and the clinical data suggest the use of LUMA TC once per day as part of a breakthrough natural treatment plan that should also include a healthy diet, 8 hours sleep, exercise, stress reduction, staying engaged socially and learning new things.

To learn more and order LUMA TC, visit or call Direct Value Dispense at 985-629-5742 or you can call me, Towny Robinson, CEO JayMac Pharmaceuticals LLC, Inventor LUMA TC at 337-351-6721.

To learn more about LUMA scan this QR Code to view an informative video.

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