Are you ready for a fresh transformation? This one simple principle can give you the fresh start you need to make a real transformation.

Washing them off before it's time to cook

When it comes to losing weight, perhaps the biggest obstacle is information overload. There are millions of diet plans available, all promising outstanding results; however, in the end, they all seem to contradict one another, leaving dieters disheartened and confused. I have found one guiding principle that can help distinguish between fad diets and healthy living. What is that powerful yet, simple principle? A healthy diet should have fresh food as the foundation. This simply means the bulk of your diet should be composed of fresh foods, produce in particular.

Fresh produce is so amazing because it’s living food. Eating living foods will make you feel alive; they will help you thrive. Fruits and veggies are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fiber, and water. A produce rich diet provides high quality fuel that feeds the mind and body. Any diet that does not recommend eating fruits and veggies should raise questions.

There is no secret diet. Simply returning to the way we were designed to eat can yield amazing results. Consciously incorporating fresh foods into your diet while eliminating processed foods will give your body the opportunity to transform like never before. Fresh produce is extremely nutrient dense and naturally low in fat and calories. A diet rich in produce eliminates the need to begrudgingly count every calorie that passes your lips. Fresh produce is also carbohydrate- rich, providing the body with its primary fuel source, glucose. Practically all foods that grow for human consumption contain high levels of carbohydrates. The carb counting craze was only adopted about 20 years ago, when the American diet became more dependent on manufactured food and less dependent on fresh, real food. Produce, unlike refined (processed) carbs, contains loads of fiber and other important nutrients. Produce is naturally alkaline, working in harmony with your body’s natural chemistry. Fruits and veggies are unique in that they contain disease fighting, immune building, and fat-burning properties. Typically, the body requires more energy to digest produce than the calories (energy) they contain. This provides a unique advantage for dieters. The body utilizes fruits and veggies quickly and easily, allowing for a rapid conversion of food into fuel for energy—there’s a reason why endurance athletes love bananas. Fresh produce supports levels providing endurance for regular exercise. Fresh produce is also naturally detoxifying. The high fiber content combined with the extremely high water content sweeps then flushes toxins and fat out of the body. Ultimately, fresh produce creates change because it makes you feel better, helping you transform from the inside out. When you feel better, it will be much easier to stay motivated and to continue eating fresh. Give fresh eating a try this year. Consciously and consistently incorporate more fruits and vegetables into each and every meal, and be prepared to look and feel better than ever before!

“When you eat fresh, you don’t have to count calories!” — Christina Leidenheimer


  1. Start your day off fresh by consuming a produce packed smoothie.
  2. Get fresh leafy greens in your system by consuming a large salad each day.
  3. When you crave sweets, have fresh fruit instead of processed cookies and cake.
  4. When you crave salt, simply eat more veggies. This usually causes the desire to pass.
  5. Have a small salad as an appetizer before a meal. This will help you consume more fresh produce, and decrease your appetite so you don’t overeat.
  6. If you are eating out, have vegetables or a salad as your side item and skip the fries.
  7. Use fresh herbs to season your food and reduce salt and other condiments.
  8. Use fresh fruit juices as salad dressings instead of heavy oils.
  9. Try eating produce in its raw natural state whenever possible. Raw veggies retain all their nutrients, whereas cooked foods lose some of their nutritional value.
  10. Try making your own fresh squeezed juice instead of drinking pasteurized juices, as these lose some of their vital nutrients during the heating process.

By Christina Leidenheimer, CPT, CHLC, CPI

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