By Anja Springthorpe

Garmin Vívosmart HR+

By tracking calories, steps, cardio workouts, running and even sleep, this activity band is everything you want in a fitness gadget.  You’ll never have to use awkward chest straps since it comes with a built-in heart rate monitor.  You can also review your fitness stats by syncing the device with the Garmin app.    

The Vívosmart HR+ is waterproof, but unfortunately has no option to track a swim workout.  Although a little on the pricey side, the Garmin Vívosmart HR+ is an excellent fitness tracker combining technology with design and comfort. 

Price: $199.99
Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
GPS: Yes | Waterproof: Yes Battery life: 5 days


Moove Now 

If you are on a budget and don’t need your stats on a screen, the Moove Now may be the perfect fitness tracker for you.  Worn on the wrist or ankle, the Moove Now tracks cycling, swimming, running, walking, boxing and even circuit training. 

The Moove app displays all of the data on your phone and comes with a smart audio coach designed to improve daily activities.  The only downside is that the device doesn’t include a heart rate monitor or a screen, but the battery life is up to 6 months.  Other than that, this is a superb all-rounder for tracking your workouts. 

Price: $59.99
Heart Rate Monitor: No
GPS: Yes, if connected to phone
Waterproof:  Yes
Battery life: 6 months


Apple Watch 2

For smartwatch fans, Apple has seriously stepped up fitness tracking with the Apple Watch 2.  It comes equipped with a GPS, waterproof features and the tracking accuracy has improved.  The Apple watch monitors heart rate and tracks a variety of workouts, daily steps as well as sleep.  The vibration feature leads you through guided breathing practices and reminds you to get moving if you are inactive for too long.    

The biggest downsides are the price tag and the Apple Watch 2’s incompatibility with non-iOS devices.  However, the watch stores and plays your music via Bluetooth, a rare feature offered by most fitness trackers. 

Price: $269.00
Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
GPS: Yes
Waterproof: Yes
Battery life: 18h


Leaf Health Tracker

The Leaf is not a traditional fitness tracker but a smart jewellery product designed to support female wellness.  The Leaf connects to the Bellabeat app and tracks your steps, sleep, stress impact and menstrual cycles.  Guided meditation and breathing practices support self-awareness and mindfulness. 

If you want in-depth data on your workouts, this tracker is not for you.  But if you are looking for a holistic tool to track and improve your overall wellness, the Leaf may just be the right fit. 

Price: $129.00
Heart Rate Monitor: No
Waterproof: No
Battery life: 6 months



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