Do you want to boost your mood and improve heart health? Crack open a clove of garlic and unleash the benefits that millions of people are already experiencing– a healthy heart and a happy smile!

garlicFresh crushed garlic is rich in hydrogen sulfide which relaxes blood vessels, allowing increased blood circulation. And that’s not all. A new study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reports that garlic oil improves antioxidant enzyme expression, lowers heart inflammation and stops cell death, effectively maintaining the integrity of vital heart tissue. The study also highlighted that over 20 different substances in garlic oil provide therapeutic benefits. Adding a clove a day to your daily diet is an almost effortless way to nourish your hard-working heart.

While studying the effects of garlic on the cardiovascular system, scientists reported another wonderful benefit–patients experienced an elevated mood. This makes sense, since garlic is rich in selenium– a known mood booster. In comparison, the opposite is true, individuals with a selenium deficiency tend to be more irritable, experience greater depression and are more hostile. On a happier note, garlic consumption may also help to regulate the number of fat cells that get formed in the body. It seems to normalize the metabolism and also detoxify the body’s systems by binding to heavy metals and other harmful pollutants and destroying them– a toxin scavenger.

Garlic has too many benefits to pass up, and if you have an aversion to its odor, garlic capsules are available. However, fresh is always best; a freshly cracked clove will ensure greater benefits. Chop it up and toss onto a garden salad, add it to cold dips and salsas, or throw a half to a whole clove in a smoothie–it adds a punch of flavor. A clove a day will have you smiling and feeling healthier in no time.

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