The Triangular Cardio Workout

Cardiovascular exercise improves the condition of your heart.  If you fail to work the heart as a muscle group, it will weaken and cause a variety of negative health effects. Getting the heart pumping at a fast rate with this triangular workout will help maintain the muscle and keep it healthy. This workout combines cardio training with strength training, using your body weight to deliver a full body workout.  

Caution:  The following training session should not be performed more than twice a week and requires 24 hours of rest between each session. 

• Each ROUND has 3 blocks: 

(1) Resistance Training (Muscle) 

(2) Cardio (Heart) 

(3) Core (Abs) 

Use these movements for variety, intensity, and added muscle involvement. 

Complete each exercise for the set amount of time. [2 cycles for all except core circuits]

Resistance Training:  1
Box push-ups 
1 minute

Firmly place one hand on box and the other on floor. Drop chest to elbows and push up slowly and with control.   Walk hands to center and then to the opposite side.  Bring knees to floor if discomfort is felt in the back or in the neck.

2. Cardio:  Alternating Rope Waves 
30 seconds2

Anchor a moderate to heavy rope to the bottom of box, table, or post or to the actual floor.  Alternating sides, lift rope as high as possible and slam to the floor at a brisk pace. 

33. Core:  Decline Plank 
1 minute

Press palms firmly to floor and place toes onto box.  Brace the core, squeeze the glutes and hold.  If this move is too difficult, place the plank on the floor with knees down until you build enough strength to use the box.


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