Many women are concerned about the appearance of their lower abdominal area – the pooch. This area is hard to target with just basic crunches, and fat seems to accumulate there more than any other area of the stomach. Women also tend to be weaker in the lower abdominal area. This exercise will target the lower abs specifically to help tighten and strengthen that region.


Reverse abdominal crunch with ball

• Begin by lying on your back on a mat; place a core stability ball between your knees and feet. Bend your legs at a ninety degree angle; squeeze the ball with enough pressure to hold the ball in place throughout the entire movement. Your arms should be at your sides for support.

• Once the ball is secure, begin to lift your butt off the floor and your knees toward your chest. This is a small movement; you don’t have to lift your butt high up to feel the contraction.

• Perform a 3 to 1 tempo (lift up for 3 counts and come down for 1 count). Perform 3 sets of 12-15 reps.

Precautions: This exercise will also activate your lower back muscles; if you have a history of lower back pain, do not perform the exercise. ν

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