By Ann Jerema

We all know that taking a vacation is good for us. But for whatever reason, Americans tend to take less vacation then the rest of the modern working world.  In a survey of 1,200 full-time employed Americans, Kimble Applications found that 47 percent of participants didn’t take all of their vacation last year, and 21 percent forfeited more than five vacation days.

This statistic is sad because on average, we receive under a third of the time off that our counterparts do in the United Kingdom.  We receive less than half of the time off than those in Japan and we even receive less than those in Mexico.

With such a limit, it is important to maximize our time off so that we can return rested and ready to get back to work. Wellness retreats offer an excellent option for those who want to rest and recuperate, but also want to do something good for their bodies.

The Tennessee Fitness Spa offers all-inclusive fitness packages with healthy meals, comfortable lodging and workout classes starting at $730 for a three-night package. Call 1.800.235.8365 for more information.

New Life Hiking Spa, located in Vermont, offers a three to 10 night Jump Start Getaway that starts at $249 per person. For that price, your room, meals, hiking, wellness programming and one massage are all included. Call 1.802.353.2954 for more information.

The Spring Resort & Spa in Desert Hot Springs, California offers one-night resort and spa packages starting at $814 that include a facial and massage. Call 1.760.251.6700 for details.

Deerfield Health Retreat & Spa is located in the Poconos of Pennsylvania and offers three meals and two snacks per day plus hiking programs, lifestyle education lectures, workshops and demonstrations, evening activities and 24-hour use of all facilities. Rates start at $490 for two nights.  Call 1.570.223.0160 for more information.

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