By Shirin Mehdi

Do you know what is back with a bang in the fashion world? High waisted jeans! This trend finds its roots back in the 1950s when denim first saw the light of day. In the 1970s the high-rise was in vogue again, with bell-bottoms. Today, the whole range is in style – from high-waisted cropped bell bottoms, baggy boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans that are both high and mid-rise. If styled correctly, these jeans can be flattering. You don’t have to be afraid of this uber cool trend because these tips will make you look chic and totally in shape in your high waisted jeans.

Monochrome is a cool way to trick the eye

Wearing one color from head to toe makes you look slim instantly. Try going monochrome in black, white, or blue (And maybe even green or grey if you are feeling edgy)! Don’t forget to accessorize.

A high neckline with a high waist is the way to go

Wearing a high neckline adds length to your torso, thereby taking away from the fact that you are cutting off your body at your waistline.

Why not try a cropped style?

High rise jeans look great when they are ankle length or just above the ankle. Add some height (and an illusion of fewer inches) by pairing your jeans with wedges or heels.

Look for dark jeans with some stretch

High waisted jeans tend to look like mom jeans (which is what most people fear), unless they have a little bit of spandex. Also, picking a dark rinse is a good idea (the best quick -slimming hack).

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