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1st Choice Healthcare is a non profit, Joint Commission accredited, Federally Qualified Health Center. We welcome all members of our community, especially those unable to afford care. Our mission is to provide compassionate, affordable health care for all individuals to improve lives and build healthier communities. 

1st Choice Healthcare’s physicians and APRNs provide family centered primary care for patients of all ages, from newborns to the elderly. Our medical services address the routine medical needs of patients (i.e., initial diagnoses, annualexams and continual treatment of illness and preventive care) with a timely, courteous, and patient focused service. 

1st Choice Healthcare’s pediatric services address the routine medical needs for infants, children, and teens. Our Pediatrician and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner offer well and sick care, general medical, developmental, and social health, as well as age appropriate issues like immunizations. Annual exams may also include hearing and vision screenings. 

Women’s health care services ranging from routine well woman exams to contraceptive counseling and management. At 1st Choice Healthcare, we focus on providing the highest quality care for our patients and are committed to making a difference in our patient’s health. We have many programs to offer to our patients. The Diabetes Care Program provides selfmanagement education for patients with diabetes, as well as lifestyle management education, to prevent diabetes not only within our medical clinic by also with numerous community partners. Our Medication Program allows patients to get the medications they need without straining their budget. 1st Choice Healthcare works with drug manufacturers to help eligible patients get theirprescribed medications for $2.00 a script and a labeling fee at the pharmacy. The program coordinator helps complete the necessary paperwork. Although some financial information may need to be provided, in the end, the patient receives the prescribed medications needed to complete your treatment plan or manage your illness.

Patent Centered Medical Home is a primary care delivery model that is patent focused, well organized, easy accessible, comprehensive, contnuous, safe, accommodatng, equitable, culturally appropriate, and evidence based, The goal is to provide patents with a broad spectrum of care across all life site stages that results in improved health and healthcare delivery. Each patent has an ongoing relatonship with a personal primary care provider trained to provide first contact, contnuous, and comprehensive care. The personal physician leads a team of individuals at the practce level who collectvely take responsibility for the ongoing care of the patents. We also have a patient portal system, where patients can access their records and can send messages to request refills. 

1st Choice Healthcare has 5 clinic sites: Corning, Clay County; Pocahontas, Randolph County; Walnut Ridge, Lawrence County, Ash Flat, Sharp County, and Paragould, Greene County. We serve patients from the counties of Clay, Randolph, Lawrence, Greene, and Sharp Counties in Arkansas and Butler and Ripley Counties in Missouri. Our clinics are open 5 days a week, with extended hours at Corning, Pocahontas, and Walnut Ridge on Saturdays to accommodate patient needs. We offer a reduced fee based on family income and the number in household and accept Medicare, Medicaid, Self-Pay and Private Insurance. At 1st Choice Healthcare, we embrace and practce patent-centered care and we strive to provide all of our patents with the best possible medical care. We encourage each patent to take an actve role in their healthcare. We believe that in additon to helping patents when they are sick, we can and should help guide them in making healthy choices for preventve care.

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