By Amber Arevalos

Homeschooling our children is becoming a more valid option to choose when deciding on your child’s path to higher education. In the past, being home schooled was viewed as something strict religious believers chose, or by those who could handle the pressures of an in-group setting.  Today’s view has changed due to the curriculum and pace at which children are taught.  Although these connotations are still prevalent, this article covers some pros and cons to homeschooling your children.

Choosing to home school your children can have its challenges depending on circumstances. 

The number one concern is the time!  Do you have the time to ensure your child is learning the correct curriculum as well as helping them with their homework and projects?  If you choose to home school, you will now be a teacher, parent and friend.  

The second concern for most parents is that their children might not get the social interactions that are key to learning specific interpersonal skills.  Most home school systems follow an online or hybrid approach.  Being around peers and in a social setting has its benefits to the development of your child.

Motivation is a huge factor when choosing this option for your children.  You will have to be patient more than from a parental standpoint, but from the perspective of a teacher and playground friend.  Keeping your student on track and completing necessary work is on you and your child.  

Home schooling also has plenty of benefits to consider.

Flexibility: You can teach your child at their own pace.  You can adjust school times and create a schedule that best suits your child’s learning style. 

You are able to design the curriculum.  If you wish to focus on the subjects your child excels at, you can develop a lecture around them while also dedicating a specific amount of time on challenging subjects.

If you are religious, you can incorporate any spiritual teachings.  Most schools have taken religion out of the curriculum.

Learning from home allows for the child to be more involved in volunteering and community projects. 

The choice to home school can be a difficult one, but understanding what your child needs to succeed is critical.  Will they thrive and learn beyond the classroom are all things we need to consider.  Remember your role in the curriculum is crucial, and almost all that your child learns is up to you! 

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