By Patricia Danflous

Healthy foods target adrenal fatigue, menopause and more

Are you ready to take charge of your life?   Imagine what it would be like to live without the PMS “crazies,” persistent fatigue, anxiety, or assorted aggravations of menopause.

Let’s face it, when hormones are out of control there is little hope for a smooth, well-balanced life.  What’s a woman to do?   Grandma’s suggestion to try chocolate as a PMS remedy, thanks to its mood-boosting chemical properties, may provide good-tasting, temporary relief.

Take a look at your diet for a more permanent solution.  According to Dr. Peter Osborne, founder of the Gluten Free Society, gluten sensitivity screening could be the first step in addressing hormone imbalance issues.  Nutritionists also point to the benefits of eliminating dairy and sugar.

The phased elimination of certain foods, under the direction of a health professional, may have a significant and positive impact on hormone health.

Holistic Health Coach and hormone balance specialist Magdalena Wszelaki suggests that avoiding certain foods could be beneficial depending on individual needs and appropriate diagnosis.  She also advises taking a positive approach by adding hormone boosting superfoods to meal planning.

“There is no one food that will reverse a hormonal imbalance,” she said.  “However, there are several natural superfoods that are known to relax hormones.”

Always check with your physician before making drastic changes to your diet. Each person has different needs.  A medical evaluation will determine if you have food sensitivities related to your symptoms and help determine the best treatment regimen.   

Gluten sensitivity screening could be the first step in addressing hormone imbalance issues.

Wszelaki’s five favorite hormone balancing superfoods

Brazil nuts – three organic Brazil nuts per day is a sufficient intake of selenium, a key mineral for thyroid and autoimmune health.

Camu Camu – a half-teaspoon per day added to smoothies, for example, is a powerful source of Vitamin C to support the adrenal glands and the immune system.

Maca Rootthis butterscotch-flavored Peruvian product is associated with alleviating menopausal symptoms and PMS as well as boosting fertility. (Start with a very low dose as some women may be intolerant.)

Broccoli sprouts – studies show that ¼ cup to 1 cup of broccoli sprouts per day improve estrogen-dominant issues such as PMS, endometriosis, water retention, cellulite, weight gain, moodiness and infertility.  

Flax seed  – the protein and fiber in flax seeds assist in the management and reversal of polycystic ovarian syndrome.


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