Hot Mess Mom Is Now Calm, Cool And In Control!

By: Christian Dischler

Amanda Hainline is a great listener. 

She is an awesome conversationalist, too. Just minutes into an exchange with the Austin, Texas-based emotional mentor, author, mom, spouse and soon to be podcaster, you realize her energy and joie-de-vivre is magnetic. You could keep on talking for hours like BFFs.  But when she begins to share her journey from “hot mess mom” to emotional freedom mentor, you are going to pay attention and just listen and learn.

It all started with angst. You know that overwhelming feeling of whirling emotions–anger, sadness, resentment, frustration–that come with trying to do it all, not getting anything done, and feeling so exhausted you can’t decide what to do first, even if you had the energy to do it. When a friend suggested a visit to an energy healer, Hainline was borderline skeptical. “I was afraid to dip my toe into something new that essentially went against the core of my Baptist upbringing, but why not try it?” she recalled. 

The healer tapped on her heart and tapped on her head. “I didn’t know what it meant but I saw shapes and colors,” Hainline explained. “After the session, I felt better. I was functioning, smiling, and realized I could benefit from the healer.” 

Smiles were not forthcoming on the return visit. Instead, she screamed with a fear unlike anything she had ever previously experienced or imagined. “My body was burning, I was sweating, and filled with terror as if someone was chasing me with an ax.” A nightmare, that had only consumed 30-seconds of her life, would change her world forever. “What happened?” she asked. With a serious expression and the admission that Hainline was just her third client, the healer explained that all seven of her chakras had been released at the same time. 

While it was unusual for all chakras –the body’s energy centers-to simultaneously open, she was comforted when the healer said they would close and balance out.
Comfort was short-lived.  As she explored the function of chakras with the body’s organs, immune system and emotions her terror intensified, intermingling with dark thoughts, and traumatic childhood memories in addition to hearing voices.  “I was living in a reality that was not mine,” she stated.  “I had frequent premonitions as a child that would come true, but this was way beyond that type of feeling.”

It took more than six months of personal emotional turmoil, as well as recognizing the flow of emotions from those around her, to find balance, explanation, and to recognize that she was not mentally or physically ill. “As I let go of more and more of my own emotions, the more stable I became.” she said. “I could focus again. My crying spirals became less frequent. I developed a new set of tools for releasing emotions so that they didn’t weigh me down.”

After much study, Hainline recognized her life had been transformed by a Kundalini Awakening. You may have heard or perhaps tried Kundalini yoga to build strength and flexibility through breathing, chanting and repetitive poses. Hainline’s experience went further. She is one of the rare individuals who have experienced a spontaneous emergence. The experience in which dormant energy suddenly flows freely through the seven chakras led to an expanded state of consciousness which brought her gifts and opened her mind to diverse spiritual guides. Over the last 15 years, she has accepted her unique gift, learned how to enhance it, welcomed the spiritual guides that she originally thought were evil spirits, and is helping people improve relationships, achieve success, and be the best they can be through and untapped resource–the human energy system.

Today, the intuitive healer is guiding individuals from teenagers to seniors to find freedom from anxiety, stress, and depression in as little as five minutes through personal sessions, informational resources on her website and through her recently released book, “Feel Better in Five Minutes–an Empowering Guide to Gain Control Over Your Emotions.”

Interested, but not certain an emotional freedom mentor is for you? Keep in mind the hot mess mom is just like you in many ways. Her southern, Texas heart is all about family, adventure, having a good time, empowerment and enjoying the world around her. Her book will give you additional insight to her personal journey from hot mess to an energy-fueled healer, and point you in the right direction to utilize your emotions to change your life. Hainline introduces a variety of topics from emotional freedom to using color as an energy vitamin. You’ll find success stories, with questions to ask yourself, and a few recipes to help release energy.

If you are feeling anxious and nervous, try Hainline’s suggestions and recipe for staying grounded and better able to handle life’s energy challenges.

“Carry a crystal if you can, an easy thing to do for support on a daily basis is to carry either a small smoky quartz crystal or a bloodstone (or both) in your pocket,” she says. “These are both great grounding stones. Use Sandalwood-put a dab of sandalwood oil on your wrists or on your neck.  Dilute it first with a carrier oil if you are sensitive. This will help you stay grounded.” 

Stay grounded bath


  • 1 cup of Epsom salt 
  • 1 cup of Himalayan pink salt if you have it (if not, use 2 cups Epsom salt)

Essential Oils

  • 6 drops lavender 
  • 8 drops sandalwood 
  • 12 drops patchouli 
  • 3 drops bergamot 
  • 8 drops eucalyptus 
  • 6 drops frankincense 


Mix salt and oils well together in a bowl. Dump into the warm bath and soak yourself for fifteen to twenty minutes. You can also add smoky quartz and bloodstone to the bath for extra support. Take this bath a couple of times a week or whenever you feel really frazzled. Lighting a red or orange candle while you soak in your bath brings in these colors for support as well.

Hot Mess Mom Is Now Calm, Cool And In Control! Himalaya Salt

Congratulations, you have taken your first step to shifting your energy and changing your life. 

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