By Shirin Mehdi

Love is an amazing emotion.  It is, in fact, the most powerful emotion that can make the whole world go into a tizzy.  Believe it or not, it is what takes over even when you go shopping.  It is only when you fall in love with something you buy it, isn’t it?  By the way, did you know that emotions play a big role when it comes to dressing?

Studies say that the way you dress can reflect how you feel.  You wear your best clothes when you feel good and do not make much of an effort to dress up when you feel the blues.  That’s where color comes into play.  There is an important relationship between color and psychology so no matter how you feel, the colors you wear can influence your mood.

You are about to feel that warm, fuzzy emotion called love, as you scroll through these beautiful boiled wool pieces from  Based in Seattle, Pirkko showcases Scandinavian designs that are simple yet sophisticated.  They believe in fashion with a purpose and therefore host a collection of extremely versatile pieces that are classic and evergreen.

The Yellow Ifa Jacket by Ritva Falla
Yellow is the most vibrant color of the visible color spectrum.  It is the happiest color that stands for all things optimistic.  This jacket is an ode to all things retro while still being extremely fashionable.

The Soft Pink Molla Coat by Marimekko
Pink is the universal color for love.  It is also the epitome of all things sweet and feminine.  This lovely lose fitted coat will accentuate your girly side with both its color and its cut.

The Orange Aho Coat by Marimekko
Orange is a color that evokes warmth and enthusiasm and that is exactly what this dropped sleeve coat will bring with it in the cold winter months.

The Sanoa Coat by Marimekko
Made of a boiled wool blend in dark blue. The coat is unlined and has large patch pockets, and a front concealed snap button closure.

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