16407108_mlNaturally, the spring and summer months is a time of increased activity. In fact, many find it easier to stick to workout programs in the spring and summer than in the winter. And while any exercise is good, clearly the benefits of indoor and outdoor workouts are vastly different. Indoor workouts, like pounding the treadmill, simply cannot provide fresh air, majestic scenery, and naturally derived vitamin D from the sun’s rays. In fact, the benefits of outdoor exercise are so magnificent they have evoked experts to add a new name to the list of exercise jargon– “green workouts.”

Green workouts are especially revered for the mental health benefits that nature provides; so much so, they are even being prescribed for individuals with depression and other mental illnesses. A green workout can provide a momentary break from the hectic American lifestyle that leaves us indoors, immersed in technological chaos. So, go ahead, take advantage of the mind-body benefits of a green workout scene. Green workouts can be as simple as taking a brisk walk or cycling around the block. Think of simple ways to get more green time; perhaps the next time you are at the park, you can blast through a few push ups, triceps dips, and crunches while your toddler climbs the jungle gym. Studies confirm that fluorescent lighting and even air conditioning can lower the metabolism so taking a break from the office during the day, may be a good idea. Instead of driving to lunch, try walking to the restaurant– if it is close enough; this will allow you to leave the four walls of the office and get some fresh air.

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