As we go through life, nearly all of us accumulate some sort of emotional baggage. Like physical wounds, emotional wounds (unresolved wounds) can cause deeper problems and leave scars. Research demonstrated that 90% of the time our unresolved emotional issues will also manifest themselves into physical illness/diseases. Holding subconsciously anger, frustration, grief, and sadness can manifest itself in your body as high blood pressure, immune compromise, gastrointestinal problems and even Lyme disease and Cancer.

During times of emotional stress, it is often not uncommon for a person to feel lost.

Healing is related to cause and effect. To heal, one must address the CAUSE not the effect. Treatment is not the same as healing. Treatment attempts to treat the symptom or the effect.

Healing transforms the cause and allows your inner beauty to shine.

Virtually every part of your entire body may fall prey to emotional illness. Below are some examples of the diseases and health conditions with a mind body link.

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    Breast Cancer: Unwilling to nurture or be nurtured, hence the breasts as maternal source of life and nourishment are involved.

    Brain tumors: A loss of faith either in self or a loss of spiritual faith, a conflict of feelings and thoughts.

    Testicular cancer: Fear or guilt about sexuality or expression of sexuality. Confliction of creative forces or loss of belief in creative forces.

    Leukemia: Resentment against females, either generically or specifically. A disconnection from the feminine side.


The Gastrointestinal System:

    Ulcers: Something “eating” at you, unresolved issues in your life such as a job or boss you can’t stand, an unhappy or stressful romantic relationship and so on.

    Gallbladder problems: A feeling of bitterness, unexpressed bile and anger or hatred toward someone or toward a life situation that feels inescapable.

    Diarrhea: Feeling upset about an event or situation, maybe a relationship, and wanting to get rid of it, expels it.

    Constipation: Pentup and unexpressed emotions, bottling feelings up inside, fear about being open and letting feelings show.


Dr. S’ Insight: 

All emotions except LOVE are reproducible by thought. You can think of depression and in 15 minutes be depressed. They are chemically signaled by your “will”. This also means 2 things: 1) You are addicted to the chemical of your emotions and 2) You can change your life at “WILL” !

Yet many people understand that in the truest sense, beauty is looking deep into your soul and knowing who you are inside. It can be your personality, your good heart or the way you treat others that make you so appealing. Learn to love the person you are inside just as equally or more than what people see on the surface. What`s even better is that when you let your inner beauty shine, you touch EVERYONE, catching them, holding them in its embrace, making them more beautiful too.

Written by Dr. Stéphane Provencher D.I.C.S., C.K.T.P., Holistic Chiropractic Physician 

Owner: Gainesville Holistic Health Center 

Co-founder: Whole-Listic Children’s Foundation 

Co-author: Billionaire Parenting

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