Many people are familiar with Invisalign, but most are not knowledgeable about the process and advantages. I often am asked about the differences between this clear aligner system and braces. Invisalign was first introduced to consumers in 2000. Rather than having metal or clear braces attached to the teeth, the Invisalign system involves a series of clear plastic trays (aligners) and attachments (tooth-colored bumps that are placed on the teeth). Each tray is worn for one to two weeks and, gradually, teeth are shifted into a better position. 

Invisalign is, unquestionably, more aesthetically pleasing than traditional braces. The aligners are far less noticeable than wires and braces—even clear braces—and usually do not show up in photos. Also, the Invisalign system allows for better oral hygiene. The aligners can be removed when eating, decreasing the chances of trapping food. Better still, without wires connecting the teeth, it is much easier for patients to floss, helping them to avoid cavities and prevent gum inflammation during treatment. 

There are some limitations to the Invisalign technology. Depending on the position of the teeth or problems with the bite, it may be more difficult to shift teeth into position with only the clear aligners. An orthodontist—a dentist who specializes in moving teeth and perfecting the bite—can evaluate if Invisalign is a good option for you. The additional years of training orthodontists receive enables them to troubleshoot the more difficult Invisalign cases and utilize additional tools and accessories during treatment to ensure the best possible outcomes. 

Whether for teens or adults, Invisalign can be a great aesthetic, hygienic and modern treatment choice. 

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