By Elizabeth Impastato

The ability to see detail has a lot to do with our eye coordination and separating colors.  The game, seek and find, is a good example of attention to detail and the ability to break down shapes with colors.  As children, we can see objects from different perspectives giving off different colors.  Children use color and shapes at a very young age to help them learn words, shapes and objects.  The mind is able to process these details by repeating sight recognition.

Most people hold on to the ability to recognize the main color or shape of objects into adulthood.  It is common to miss little details that surround us every day.  Try a few exercises to test your eyes’ ability to capture detail.  You can start slow by looking at one object like a candlestick.  On paper, write down what the candlestick looked like without taking a second peek at the object.

If you want to sharpen your ability to capture the beautiful details that surround you, art lessons can help.  IMPASTATO GALLERY & ART THERAPY offers private drawing and painting lessons for all ages.  This Holiday Season, give the gift of Art that will last a lifetime.  To learn more about art lessons, stop by the gallery or online at

Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy is the art gallery of Mandeville, Louisiana.  The gallery sells only one of a kind original art.  Impastato Gallery offers private painting lessons and the “Drawing Journey” designed by Eric Mondello.

Impastato Gallery and Art Therapy
Phone: 985-778-5338 in the Chenier Marketplace in Mandeville, 1901 Hwy. 190, Suite 28.

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