19405255_lWhat if I told you there was a way that you and your family could nurture your creativity, get some exercise and even learn a little more about each other –  all at the same time? For less than $5 in supplies, you and your little people can create Life-Sized Board Game where YOU are the game pieces.

This idea is huge. Some might even say larger than life. (Pardon the pun.) And it’s so easy!


  • colored construction paper (cardboard, carpet squares or whatever else you have lying around the house works, too)
  • markers
  • crazy hats & accessories (optional)
  • people
  • imagination (the more, the better)


  1. Determine the length of your game path. The older the players, the longer it can be.
  2. Design your spaces. It’s fun to have something written on each one so there’s always something happening in the game.
  3. Lay out the spaces to create a path around the room or even the whole house.
  4. Create your game piece by deciding who or what you are and wearing something to show it. Think Monopoly (race car, top hat, etc.) or come up with your own ideas (ex. superheroes, animals or simply everyone wearing a single, different color).
  5. Grab some dice and take turns moving on the board. First one to the finish line wins!

The best thing about the Life-Sized Board Game is that it’s completely customizable. You pick the theme to suit the likes, interests and maybe even the areas needing improvement in your family. Try these ideas for your spaces.

  • Is your family into exercise? “Do 10 jumping jacks.” OR “Be a pogo stick for 20 seconds.”
  • Hope to sneak in a little learning? “Recite the alphabet backwards.” OR “What’s 3 x 6?”
  • Just want to get silly together?“Bark like a dog.” OR “Crabwalk three spaces.” 

The possibilities are truly limitless. Grab some paper and get thinking. Last one to the finish line has to clear the table!


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By Michele Robert Poche

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