By Christian Dischler

Discovering Rosé Beautique is like unearthing Mandeville’s most exquisite buried treasure.  It’s a blossoming community of wellness and beauty nestled in the foliage of Greenleaves’ neighborhood.  Embracing your senses when you walk through the door, each moment spent in its space is a dose of tranquility and reassurance.

It isn’t just an escape from reality, it’s a return to loving yourself and those around you.

Christina Viers, Rosé’s owner and visionary, has spent the past two years refining her brand of a wellness spa.  What started as a typical hair studio has transcended traditional standards.

“We’re not just a normal salon anymore.  We’re overall wellness and beauty, inside and out.  I wanted a place where you can come get beautiful and feel good about it.  Where you know you’re giving back to your community,” Viers said.

“I had this phrase, ‘like-minded service providers with a servant’s heart,’” Viers said.  It’s a concept the whole Beautique believes in.

“To collect people that are willing to donate a portion of their services is incredible.  It shows how special the people here are.  We all have the same goal.”

Rosé’s versatile and talented hairstylists, left to right: Shelby Corcoran, Alli Phillips, Christina Viers, Danielle Jones, Kristy Volk.

This conviction to give back to the community is a cornerstone of Rosé’s foundation.  Ten percent of all proceeds are donated to the Pink Heart Funds, a non-profit benefiting breast cancer survivors.  The store also provides local vendors a place to sell their products.  But while Viers was busy redefining what a salon could be, destiny was setting her on a collision course with fate.

Dr.  Emilie Schenck, a renowned dentist on the Northshore, has always been compelled to help others.  She founded her dentistry as a family practice to provide her community with dental care and all-natural beauty services.  But a successful dentist’s office means less space for aesthetic services.

“I accumulated too much dental equipment, and it pushed out my beauty technology.  I also had a patient tell me they probably wouldn’t think to get aesthetic services when going to the dentist.  I knew I needed to expand from there,” Dr.  Schenck said.

She confided this to her friend, Melinda Crawford, who was running Pilates classes from a private studio in her home.  But Crawford was forced to suspend her classes to keep her family safe from the pandemic.  Viers, also Crawford’s client, missed the Pilates program so much that she bought her own equipment for Rosé and invited Crawford to teach from there.  Crawford added her own and Rosé Beautique evolved to include an intimate Reformer Pilates studio with an experienced, professional instructor.

Melinda Crawford

“One day, Christina [Viers] was doing my hair and kept telling me where she wanted to grow.  I said you and Emilie [Schenck] need to meet, you have the same vision!” Crawford said.  It was at that moment the writing in the stars became apparent.

“I texted Christina and said I would love to trade dentistry for salon services.  That morphed into me loving Christina and joining the space.  She’s definitely the one who can talk up the procedures, and I’m the technician and can focus on performing them.  We all make a great team,” Dr.  Schenck said, recalling with a smile.

Rosé Beautique is now the Northshore’s one-stop-shop for beauty, health and wellness.  The space is a welcoming, sanitary respite from the bustle of everyday life.  With services ranging from all-natural, non-surgical facelifts, to intensive Pilates classes and top-of-the-line salon and spa services.  Each contributes to the aura emanating from the wellness community.  One example is Viora, a multi-purpose, non-invasive tool capable of reducing visible scarring, cellulite, unwanted hair and more.

From Left: Christy Austin, Rosé’s general manager with owner Christina Viers and administrative assistant, Brittany LaGamba.

“It’s great for aging or sagging skin.  The Viora vacuum also uses your own lymphatic system to help remove toxins from your body.  It’s your body healing itself,” Dr.  Schenck stated.  Rosé offers other aesthetic favorites, such as the SkinPen for micro-needling or vampire facials, and the Re-Lift, a non-surgical facelift.  These all-natural services mean no bandages and no downtime.

“If you take care of yourself on the outside, you’ll want to take care of yourself on the inside,” Dr.  Schenck said.

From Left: Dr. Emilie Schenck, DDS/aesthetician, Bayleigh Porche, esthetician, provide their clients all-natural beauty treatments to keep them looking lovely, Brittany LaGamba and Christina Viers.

All of Rosé’s services and products inspire women to feel more beautiful and promote generosity throughout the community.  Viers, Dr.  Schenck and the entire staff are committed to being like-minded service providers with a servant’s heart.

“I’m surrounded by beautiful faith-filled women that truly care about building each other up.  There’s something here that’s hard to put into words.  But I know it’s right, and I can feel it growing.  There’s an overall vibe when people come in here.  They know something’s different, they feel like they’re at home,” Viers said, her voice radiant.

Love your neighbor knowing you’re giving to a greater cause, and pamper yourself with a healthier mind and body.

Rosé Beautique provides local vendors a space to sell their products. Pictured left to right: Spa 728, The Joshua Tree, Nola Blends, Natural Releaf, Pinch Me Therapy Dough and Puppy Paws Coffee.

Call (985) 778-0109 to schedule your appointment and follow Rosé on social media @RoseBeautiqueSalonSpa or online at   Located at 200 Greenleaves Blvd.  Suite 12.

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