In New Orleans and The Bayou Country,  food is more than nutrition – it’s an obsession. We write about it and compose songs about it. Five minutes after ordering lunch, we talk about what we’re having for dinner. There are dozens of festivals every year dedicated to eating. We celebrate with poboys, crawfish and king cake.

With all this focus on food, it can be quite a challenge to stay fit, which is why Molly Kimball, a registered dietitian with Ochsner Fitness Center, set out to “make healthier easier.” 

In 2013, Molly collaborated with some of the most iconic and popular restaurants in New Orleans to create Eat Fit NOLA, a program that encourages chefs to offer more healthful options. Today,  Eat Fit thrives in The Bayou Region and includes restaurants, such as The Ground Pati and Root 2 Rise in Houma, The Carrot Patch in Thibodaux and Spahr’s Seafood in Cut Off.  

The Ochsner Eat Fit seal highlights these better-for-you items right on the menu. For those who want to find nutritious, delicious meals, eat clean, watch their weight, control diabetes, lower blood pressure and fight cholesterol, look for the Eat Fit logo. Thanks to this program, eating nutritiously yet deliciously is effortless. 

Want to find an Ochsner Eat Fit restaurant and menu item while you’re on the go?

We have an APP for that—and we don’t mean appetizers.

For easy access to Eat Fit approved restaurants and partners, including location, menu items with nutrition facts, recipes, grocery lists and more, download the free Fit NOLA | Eat Fit NOLA app. 

The Fit NOLA | Eat Fit NOLA app is currently available free of charge on iTunes and Google Play (direct links).

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