By Nancy Eagleton

I have a mantra that motivates me, but sometimes annoys my children as I appeal to them to do their very best at everything they do: “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up…” 

I was raised in a home that was neat and tidy with a well-manicured yard – and this was a family effort. We worked hard, played hard, respected others and put on our best face – at all times. Maintaining high standards was not a matter of competitiveness or keeping up with the neighbors; it was out of self-respect, and it was a way of life passed down from my hard-working grandparents. I learned that bringing your best self to every moment in life is rewarding and empowering. My mission is to inspire my children to carry on these values and “make the effort.”  

I’m concerned about some of today’s youth. Are they cutting corners, doing just enough to get by, phoning it in? How do we teach them that personal empowerment comes from having the confidence to set goals and fulfil their potential? Sometimes my teenage son will “accuse” me of being an overachiever. I don’t consider this an insult. Not once have I regretted putting too much effort into something. There is a sense of pride, confidence, and yes, power, with knowing you gave it your all.  

Doing your best is a personal commitment to show up fully in every situation – work, school, family relationships, friendships, sports, wellness. It’s not always about the end result of your efforts. But just know – good effort usually is rewarded with good outcomes. And life favors those willing to show up for it. 

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up…

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