By Kristy Podruchny

Stop using sunscreens that contain harmful chemicals! Endocrine system (hormone) disruptors, like oxybenzone, might just ruin your time in the sunshine. You should avoid anything that messes with your hormones! Mineral sunscreen is a great solution for a healthier you in the outdoors. Protecting yourself against skin cancer and premature aging is as simple as using the right products.

Many conventional sunscreens contain a chemical called oxybenzone. They can also contain avobenzone, ecamsule and octocrylene. Not only is this bad news for you—it’s bad news for the environment. Chemicals like these are partially to blame for the destruction of coral reefs. States like Florida and Hawaii have banned sunscreens containing oxybenzone effective 2021.

Mineral sunscreens are safer for you and the environment. Avoid brands with nano-particles because these harm the environment and offer less protection.

Mineral sunscreens deflect UV rays, do not absorb into the bloodstream and prevent skin cancer. These sunscreens are made from titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide, and are usually accompanied by other natural, skin-soothing ingredients. They tend to be less irritating to sensitive skin and are popular among people with eczema.

Because mineral sunscreens physically block UV rays, it’s best to cover exposed skin and reapply often if you’re sweating and/or swimming. The bottle should give you a better idea as to how often to reapply, but it’s a good idea to reapply at least every two hours. If you’re using spray sunscreen, try not to inhale it.

Embrace the chalky goodness of mineral sunscreen. While it may not blend as well as chemical-laden sunblock, at least you’ll see if you missed a spot! The benefits of protecting your health and the environment outweigh a few white streaks. Besides, the lifeguard look is in!

Mineral sunscreens deflect UV rays and do not absorb into the bloodstream.

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