ModChocBackcoverAbigail O’Neill is an Australian fashion model, author of Model Chocolate, food photographer and an expert in vegetarian, raw and vegan cookery. She is a busy working mother with three children. This Aussie beauty is making it all happen while putting her health to the forefront.

I was inspired to write Model Chocolate because it is the delicious and nutritious way I’ve created chocolate for myself and my family for years with no adverse effects to my skin, weight, health – and I’m a fashion model! As a model, it’s very important that I eat well because I need to look good at all times! During the course of writing the book I enjoyed up to a dinner sized plateful A DAY of my chocolate (necessary for taste testing and fine-tuning of recipes) which, even to my surprise, enhanced the beauty of my skin, hair, nails and wellbeing. I decided I wanted people everywhere to have the benefits of raw, organic, satisfying chocolate at their fingertips once and for all.”

To find out the secret behind Abigail’s healthy, delicious chocolate recipes you can purchase her book Model Chocolate here.

E-book $25Hard copy $64.95

*Book ships from Australia. 


Also, check out the recipes for one of Abigail’s chocolates: Frosty Berry Chocolate

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