Are you feeling hopeless when it comes to winter wardrobe options? Well, it’s time to bundle up, so let’s get started with some essentials to add to your wardrobe this season…

 Printed Jogger Pant

Jogger pants are fabulous because they are available in a multitude of styles from casual to dressy. Pick up a jogger pant with a spunky print and then mix and match a button up top or an oversized sweater. They are the ultimate staple piece for your closet this winter and the pairing options are endless!

2. Printed Jacket

Of course we can always use a jacket during the cold months of winter. A printed jacket is the key to adding dimension to your wardrobe and a simple way to spice up your endless layers of style! Speaking of style…. Consider a cool classic such as a plaid pattern and it will never go out of style!

3. Pullover Tunic 

A pullover tunic is the ultimate key to layering. Find a fun (preferably sheer) neutral tunic, which you can add to layers underneath while still looking ultra chic. Combine a long sleeve with your leggings, or even add a colored print with a funky-fun necklace. Finish it off with some tall boots for an ultra stylish look. Explore your closet to mix and match just about anything with a comfy tunic and stay warm while looking cool!

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Whitney’s Fit Fashion Find: Try Nike’s Pro Hyperwarm Compression Mezzo WB Tights. These tights not only are available in a spectrum of colors. . . they are the ultimate warm tights for the ultra cold months. Designed with stretch Dri-Fit fabric with a thermal insulation giving comfort, style and warmth all in one!

By Whitney Alexandra

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