Vacation isn’t what it used to be.  Gone are the days of stale resorts catering to the masses.  Now travelers around the world crave fresh and exhilarating experiences.  Enter glamping, a portmanteau of camping and glamour, that infuses the best of both worlds.  Glamping gives people an opportunity to get back to the basics of camping without compromising the luxury of vacationing.  It’s an eco-friendly approach to lodging that allows travelers to immerse themselves in a region.  Getting close to nature is a special moment, but existing within nature is unique in way that can only be experienced.

Nature Renewal Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Not many people ever get the chance to sleep in a tipi in a secluded forest.  This isn’t specifically marketed as a couple’s retreat, but whether or not you go with a loved one, self-love always thrives in nature.  Make it a girls trip­­–glamping in style. 

The tipis are furnished with linens and beds for a glamping experience.  If you’re not quite ready to dive into the tipi life, they have a few cabins available as well.  Gourmet meals are served on the patio or by the creek.  Between yoga sessions, soak in the hot tub on the property or connect with the abundant wildlife from afar.  You’ll share the space with deer, turkey, elk and many other beautiful creatures.  A local swimming hole is a 15-minute walk from the property; bring your mineral sunscreen!

The healing power nature has on humans is being studied on many levels.  It’s not uncommon to hear about forest bathing being prescribed for nature deficit disorder.  This retreat tucked away in the Mohawk Valley east of Eugene, Oregon offers nourishment for your mind, body and spirit.  

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