By Amy Smith

Eczema causes dry, itchy skin for millions of people around the world.  Not only is it painful for those who suffer from it, but it also causes embarrassment and confidence issues.  While eczema cannot be cured, you can alleviate some of the symptoms by using all-natural methods at home. 

Cover Yourself During Cold Weather
When it’s cold outside, the wind can make your skin dry and create an eczema flare.  Keep your skin covered when going out in cold weather.  If you get eczema on your face, use a soft scarf to cover it and reduce cold exposure.  Try to avoid thick clothing with wool as it may irritate your skin.

Gentle Soaps
Your body washes and detergents may dry out your skin and cause flare-ups.  When you are shopping around for new soap, look for ones that are gentle and fragrance-free.  When doing the laundry, do not put in fabric softener as it often contains chemicals that can irritate your skin.

Coconut Oil
Using coconut oil can help bring moisture to your skin, which soothes eczema symptoms.  Coconut oil is solid in the jar but turns to liquid when it comes into contact with skin.  You can apply coconut oil directly to the skin after bathing and before bed.  It can be purchased in grocery stores and drugstores.

Apple Cider Vinegar
When you have an eczema flare, the broken skin can be prone to infection.  The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar makes it useful in many home remedies including fighting bacteria.  Dilute a tablespoon of vinegar in a cup of water, dip gauze into the solution, then place the gauze on your skin and let it sit for a few hours.  If you are experiencing itchy skin all over, pour two cups of vinegar into a warm bath and sit in the tub for about 20 minutes.

Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe vera gel is used to treat multiple skin ailments, from bug bites to sunburns.  It can also soothe broken skin and prevent infections.  To use aloe vera gel, apply it directly to your skin.  If you have an aloe vera plant, cut a small part of it off and rub the gel on your skin.

Eczema is an uncomfortable condition to deal with.  Even though there is no cure, there are ways to treat the symptoms.  Try one of these easy, natural remedies at home.  If you develop an adverse reaction to any treatment, be sure to stop immediately and contact your doctor. 

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