Is it possible that as we grow older in years, we have the ability to make choices that keep us younger in mind and body? The answer is a resounding “YES!”

Choosing a brain-healthy lifestyle can slow down and even prevent many of the maladies that make us feel “old”.

The brain is amazing at any age.  It’s an organ of change.  Neuroscience shows that every time we learn something new the brain alters itself.  In a sense, it never stops growing.  If you learn even one new bit of information, tiny brain cells will make new connections.  In the past it was believed that we were born with a certain amount of neurological connections and that was our lot in life.  However, the latest technology proves that changes occur in brain function.  You can train your brain.

Scientists are researching how people can keep their brains sharp and prevent cognitive decline. The National Institutes of Health conducted a recent study which shows the benefits of mental training.  2,802 adults aged 65 and older who participated in sessions of mental training.  The results:  The training not only improved their cognitive functioning in daily activities in the months after the training, but continued to show long-lasting improvements when tested 5 years later.  Amazing!

Brain training helps you feel more motivated and excited about the future.  It’s never too late to start.

Why not start training your brain today?  How? One proven way is to learn a new language.  According to Pub Med Central of Canada, research has shown that bilingual speakers have higher levels of cognitive control than comparable monolinguals, especially at older ages.

There are many helpful websites for learning a second language. For example, YouTube is helpful for learning ASL.  Sign language is a great tool for brain stimulation because capturing visual details keeps the neurons firing. Why not get the whole family involved? It will make learning a new language easier if you have someone that shares your interest.

There are some very interesting websites designed to increase brain activity.  Enhance your memory and focus at or

Don’t limit yourself.  Mix it up and have fun!

By Rena Crappell

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