shoppinglistExercising and eating healthy, nutrient dense foods are important to living a long life, and consuming clean fresh foods does not have to break your budget.  Healthy eating begins when we have the right foods within our reach at home. Knowing how to shop wisely at the grocery store is key. 

Shop along the outer edges of your local grocery store or market. Fresh produce, lean healthy meats, seafood, dairy, non-dairy products, and eggs are usually found along the outer edges.  Avoid boxed, processed foods to eliminate consumption of dangerous hydrogenated oils. Also, stay away from the sugary bakery section if you are trying to drop pounds. Colorful, nutrient dense, natural foods must be at the top of everyone’s grocery shopping list. 

Below are a few simple tips to help jump-start your journey to a long life of wellness. 

Buy seasonal produce. Seasonal fruit and vegetables tend to be cheaper and fresher. Research specific foods in season and try adding these items to your basket.  For example, citrus is freshest in the winter months, and its high vitamin C content reduces risk of many illnesses.   

Buy local.  Fruit and vegetables transported long distances tend to be chemically stabilized in order to preserve color and last longer. Although certain fruits and vegetables may be your “favorite,” try to choose produce grown close to home. 

Do not fall for “pretty packaging” – make your own super food mixture using fresh greens. Many packaged greens not only have a short expiration date, but also are expensive per package/weight.  Instead, try purchasing fresh baby greens, kale, arugula, lettuce, and spinach to create your own super food mix.    

Try growing your own herbs and spices.  Purchasing seeds and growing your own herbs is a fun way to add creativity and nutrients to your weekly cuisine.  Basil, Thyme, Rosemary and Oregano are hearty “starter” herbs.  

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