By Juliane Morris

Over the past year or so, most of us  transitioned somewhat unwillingly from whatever was our pre-coronavirus health, nutrition and exercise routine into some semi-settled new normal of our health and wellness intentions.  Self-care may have been shelved for a while as survival mode was the norm.  So, let’s take stock.  Some of us remain resigned in a waiting rut until some future door opens to reclaim a good routine.  Well, why wait any longer when you can open the door yourself with a planned trip to a safe and healthy destination?  Sometimes getting away is just the kick start we need to bring home our new, disciplined, good health habits.

With a myriad of healthy destination venues and programs available–some more individually-customized and others more organizationally-structured–your chosen health-and wellness-focused retreat center, program or camp can help you achieve your goals with long-term success.  Today we’re exploring a getaway that has you covered comprehensively, and that offers some scholarship opportunities, discounts and different payment plans to help make it happen.

Unite Fitness Retreat, located at the base of Utah’s scenic and towering Wasatch Mountain Range, and not far from Oquirrh Mountains, provides an all-inclusive, mindful approach to fitness with, “A Weight Loss and Health Retreat Customized for You”.  The program emphasizes activities where participants “Reconnect in Nature” to help “Transform your health, body + mind”.

The program is holistic which Unite claims provides a more effective approach and has helped thousands of people from all walks of life to successfully transform their health.  According to Unite, about 30% of their guests learn of their program through their doctors.

Using the latest technology and scientific information associated with health, exercise science, habit-changing education and nutrition, unite employees, small group settings, private coaching, farm fresh and local chef-prepared meals, cooking demonstrations, at-home meal planning, grocery shopping tips, and addressing emotional eating.  These efforts help their guests achieve weight loss results as efficiently and safely as possible.  Unite also offers relaxation and sports massages, spa rejuvenation, mindfulness training, and stress-management techniques. 

Price options are varied and include among other options: 5 days for $2,990 and a week or two at $3,740 per week.  You can learn more about how Unite Fitness Retreat combines innovative wellness strategies with practiced mindfulness where you can “escape to the mountains to unplug, awaken, and renew your spirit” by visiting or calling 1.866.589.5615. 

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