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By: Greg Fox

Organic wine has been gaining popularity and for good reason. Not only is it better for the environment, but it also offers a range of health benefits that traditional wine does not.

Organic wine is made from grapes that are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. This means that the grapes are free from harmful chemicals that can be absorbed into the wine during the fermentation process. As a result, organic wine is a purer and more natural form of wine.

Organic Wine
In addition to being better for the environment, organic wine is also better for you. Organic wine contains higher levels of antioxidants than traditional wine. Antioxidants are important because they help to protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals, which can lead to a range of health problems including cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s.

Red wine has been shown to protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer, lower cholesterol, strengthen bones, help control blood sugar levels, and increase energy production. Now, more than a decade of research points to the possibility that red wine is also anti-aging.

Another benefit is that organic wine is often lower in sulfites than traditional wine. Sulfites are preservatives commonly added to wine to prevent spoilage. However, people sensitive to sulfites can experience headaches, nausea, and other discomforts after drinking wine that contains them. Organic wine is a great alternative for those who are sensitive to sulfites.
Organic wine is made using often made using traditional winemaking techniques that have been passed down through generations. This old-style care and attention to detail results in higher quality products. Many organic winemakers also use sustainable farming practices, which further supports the health of the environment.
Organic wine contributes to your overall health through higher levels of antioxidants and lower sulfites. And with no harmful pesticides and other chemicals, it contributes to the planet’s health. So when you’re looking for a healthier and more natural wine, go organic – your body and the environment will thank you.

Tickle your pallet with these organic wines

As more wine enthusiasts prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly practices, the market for organic wines has flourished. Whether you’re an organic advocate or simply seeking new flavors, these wines are worth considering.

Domaine Bousquet Malbec

Originating from Argentina, Domaine Bousquet Malbec is a shining example of a remarkable organic red wine. With its full-bodied profile, this Malbec tantalizes the senses with rich dark fruit notes, such as blackberry and plum. Its velvety texture and well-integrated tannins create a smooth and elegant drinking experience. The wine’s organic certification ensures that every sip is accompanied by the knowledge that sustainable practices were employed throughout its production.

Cameleon Organic Sauvignon Blanc

If you prefer a refreshing and invigorating white wine, Veramonte Organic Sauvignon Blanc is an excellent option. Bursting with vibrant citrus flavors and a clean finish, this wine delights the palate while embodying the essence of organic viticulture. Savor the zesty notes and the crispness of this affordable organic Sauvignon Blanc, knowing that it was created with minimal impact on the environment.

Bonterra Vineyards Chardonnay

Bonterra Vineyards has long been recognized as a pioneer in organic winemaking. Their Chardonnay exemplifies the quality and craftsmanship associated with their brand. Delighting wine enthusiasts with its vibrant flavors, this Chardonnay showcases the essence of organically grown grapes. From crisp apple and juicy pear to refreshing citrus undertones, the palate is treated to a harmonious blend of flavors. A subtle touch of oak adds complexity, resulting in a well-rounded and satisfying wine.

Frey Vineyards Organic Natural Red

For those seeking a versatile red wine with organic credentials, Frey Vineyards offers an enticing option. Their Organic Natural Red blend embodies the art of organic winemaking, presenting a smooth and approachable wine with a compelling flavor profile. Exhibiting generous notes of dark berries and a touch of spice, this wine is both comforting and intriguing. Made with organically grown grapes, it allows wine enthusiasts to indulge while supporting sustainable practices.

Emiliana Natura Carmenere

From the beautiful vineyards of Chile comes Emiliana Natura Carmenere, an exemplary organic wine that showcases the distinctive qualities of the Carmenere grape. This medium to full-bodied wine delights with its captivating aroma and flavor profile. Black cherry and plum take center stage, complemented by hints of pepper that add a touch of intrigue. By opting for Emiliana Natura Carmenere, wine lovers can savor a well-crafted wine while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Domaine Carneros Brut

Badger Mountain Winery, a name synonymous with organic viticulture, delivers a delightful Chardonnay that combines quality and ecological consciousness. This wine entices the palate with bright citrus flavors, such as lemon and grapefruit, which are enhanced by its crisp acidity. The judicious use of oak contributes a subtle richness, ensuring a harmonious balance between fruitiness and complexity. Badger Mountain Chardonnay offers wine enthusiasts a chance to experience the best of both worlds.

Open up a world of sustainable sipping experiences. 

There is a healthy and organic option to suit every palate and occasion. Whether you’re passionate about eco-friendly practices or simply seeking a more health-conscious choice, these wines provide a harmonious blend of flavor, quality, and sustainability. Explore the fascinating realm of organic wines, raise your glass, and toast to a healthier and more conscientious way of enjoying your favorite libations.

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