By Elizabeth Impastato

The New Year always means setting new goals for the year.  One goal for some this year is spending quality time with friends and family. 

Most couples will agree that their week is full of meetings and deadlines with very little time for real quality fun with each other to spare.  This year, take the time to develop your friendship with your partner.  Try planning fun date nights several times in a month.  It is worth investing in each other for two hours a few times in the month.  You will be much healthier mentally and emotionally having your joy spill over into your work life balance.  Studies have been proven to show couples that take the time to spend with each other are more productive at work with less sick days. 

Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy offers a unique service for couples called Painting Just for Two.  This private date night was inspired by the old movie classics.  Painting just for two is a great way to enjoy quality time together while tapping into the creative process painting a master piece together.  To learn more about this unique service, contact or stop by Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy located in Chenier Market. 


Impastato Gallery and Art Therapy
In the Chenier Marketplace in Mandeville, 1901
Hwy. 190, Suite 28.
Phone: 985-778-5338 

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