11536367_mlPARSLEY, Parsley, that little green garnish on every plate, is an often overlooked superfood. Teaming with enormous benefits, here are just 5 reasons to use this leafy green as more than culinary decor.

  1. Unique Flavonoids: Parsley contains the powerful flavonoid, luteolin which has the ability to eradicate free radicals (cancer causing agents) from the body. This powerful flavonoid also helps metabolize carbohydrates and helps protect cells from the aging process by reducing inflammation, especially in brain cells.
  2. Viral Combatant: Parsley is full of chlorophyll–a health giving substance that helps combat bacteria and fungus while suppressing various viruses from developing in the body.
  3. Top in Vitamin C: Parsley is a superior source of vitamin C, containing more than lemons, oranges and any other fruit. It is also a great source of iron, and when coupled with its high vitamin C content, the iron is readily absorbed by the body to help fight anemia.
  4. Powerful Antioxidant: Parsley is loaded with antioxidant vitamins and minerals that contribute to superior health, among them are provitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin K, beta-carotene, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, sodium, potassium, sulfur and calcium.
  5. Heart Protectant: Parsley is a rich source of folic acid which is known to help prevent heart disease by strengthening individual blood vessels. ν
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