Achieving any goal in life first starts with a vision. Research shows that by first visualizing a task you can increase the likelihood of its completion.


Visualization is a powerful tool! It can help you place positive thoughts into your subconscious and give you the confidence to carry out goals. Like any other goals, visualization and positive thinking are essential tools for successful weight-loss.  Trying to eat right and exercise while thinking you are going to fail will result in just that.  Nobody has ever lost weight and kept it off without first believing they could do it.  Admittedly, changing the way you see and think about yourself is not easy and does not happen overnight; it does take some practice.

Start with a positive vision in your mind.  Envision yourself in that special outfit that you would never have worn before and imagine how great you will feel wearing it.  Picture yourself reading a menu, ordering the healthy option, and feeling proud of your decision.  Think of it as daydreaming with a purpose!

Get rid of the negativity taking up prime real estate in your subconscious by writing down positive thoughts related to your goals.  Write them in the present tense rather than future.  For example, “I am happy and healthy,” or “I love the way I look and the skin I am in.”  Keep these affirmations in a visible place and read them everyday.  Whenever you catch yourself having a negative thought, replace it immediately with something positive.  Practicing these techniques everyday will eventually change the way you see and think about yourself for good and then reaching your weight-loss goals won’t seem so impossible.

By Robyn Lorando, RD, LDN

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