I want to teach people to solve health issues through a natural diet and physical activity.

The best medications do not always require a prescription. A series of events over the past few years; working two jobs simultaneously, a full academic course-load, a five-year relationship ending with my boyfriend’s death, and my father losing his job, negatively affected my life. Rather than going for a pill to numb the pain, I decided to improve in more natural, holistic ways.

10735789_10152847795979532_1273723088_nI grew more interested in the benefits of exercise and proper dieting. I dropped manufactured food products and adopted a more natural diet. I discovered that an excess of unhealthy, processed foods can cause chemical imbalances. Yoga, cooking, and other de-stressing exercises helped me overcome the feeling of living in a bottomless pit.

The more I learned about healthy lifestyles, the more I wanted to share my knowledge with others. I began a blog on Instagram, to post recipes and help others turn traditional meals into new and healthier choices.

One of my favorite activities is preparing tasty beverages to balance and start my day. After experimenting with variations on juices and smoothies, I post recipes on my blog and exchange information with readers ranging from how to go gluten-free to herbal remedies.

As I have become healthier, I recognize that my blogging is making a difference. My healthy journey has inspired me to further a career in nursing with an emphasis on nutrition, to share my knowledge of alternative medicine. I want to teach people to solve health issues through a natural diet and physical activity.

I discovered that natural medicine is essential for overall wellness of mind, body, and soul. The natural way is paramount to the radiance of life.

By Amber Constant (nutritionnut13@gmail.com, Instagram @NutritionNut_)

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