Imagine being able to look inside yourself and be able to get as much as 10 years warning that something is about to develop, giving you ample time to PREVENT the cancer from forming in the first place by taking the appropriate lifestyle changes that can radically change your health.

Annual Thermograms allow you to map changes in the body’s heat patterns over time and can alert you to any deviations from your norm to detect changes before disease develops.

~ Thermography ~ScreenGraphX

Thermography is a physiological study using an infrared camera as a diagnostic tool that uses thermal imaging
to create a digital map of your body, illustrating heat patterns that may detect some condition or abnormality which may be signs of disease in the body.

  •  No compression / noninvasive / painless
  • Emits absolutely no radiation
  • Increase your chances of detecting breast cancer in its earliest stages by locating irregular patterns in the breast – conditions that occur before a noticeable lump is formed.
  • Can see cancer formations at the size of 256 cells, while mammograms cannot detect cancer until there are roughly 4 billion cells clumped together.
  •  Can image the early stages of angiogenesis the formation of a direct supply of blood to cancer cells, which is a necessary step before they can grow into tumors of size.


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