Beside the fact that being airborne for a split-second comes with gargantuan health benefits, rebounding is a fun and relaxing way to achieve a toned body and worry-free mind.

Rebounding is jumping on a trampoline. It’s a great exercise for the young and young at heart. The health benefits include improved cardiovascular fitness, better circulation, increased strength, flexibility, improved sleep and stress reduction.



How to Buy the Right Rebounder for You? 

Rebounder Checklist: Here are some questions to ask before you purchase a rebounder.

  1. What kind of warranty comes with the rebounder?
  2. Is there a suggested weight limit for the rebounder?
  3. What type of bounce does the rebounder have: a “soft bounce”, an “easy bounce”, or a firmer bounce? According to, the right rebounder will give you 3G forces when bouncing with your feet never or barely leaving the mat.This is when you know you have the right rebounder that fits your weight and are getting the best results when doing the Health Bounce (see exercise 1). Some rebounders may require you to jump higher and harder, giving fewer bounces and creating a slower hydraulic lymphatic pump.
  4. What type of mat does the rebounder have? Rebounders made with poor quality mat materials have a tendency to over stretch or crack.This can unknowingly cause injury to the feet, ankles, knees or back.
  5. What type of frame does the rebounder have? An all-steel construction frame is best, as aluminum-made frames can bend or break.
  6. Will you need to stow the rebounder away? If so, does the rebounder fold for easy storage?
  7. Does the unit come with an instructional DVD to guide you through an exercise routine?
  8. If you think you will need a stabilizingbarforsupport,does the rebounder come with one, or must you purchase it separately?
  9. Always read the product reviews on various websites from individuals that have purchased the unit you are considering purchasing.
  10. Check out for more details.

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