Red Mountain Resort, St. George, Utah

By Tami Charbonnet

ZionCliffFrom morning walks in Snow Canyon to all day hikes through Zion National Park to relaxing mornings in Sagestone spa and salon, Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah, is a perfect balance for a healthy destination.  Red Mountain resort offers packages for guests with a variety of interests, encouraging guests to be “as adventurous or as relaxed” as they desire.  

Guests awake in luxury to breathtaking views of the Red Mountains, a delicious healthy breakfast buffet, and a pre-planned itinerary for their day. Regardless of whether you are in search of outdoor adventures, spa packages, fitness classes, or even retreat packages, itineraries are customized for the needs of each guest or group. Guests have plenty of opportunities to exercise at the resort with world class fitness instructors. Classes offered include yoga, meditation, stretching, dance, weight training, and even water workouts. Outdoor adventures are also popular as guests enjoy hiking, golf, and excursions into surrounding Zion National Park. 

Guests awake in luxury to breathtaking views of the Red Mountains, a delicious healthy breakfast buffet and a pre-planned itinerary for their day.

Red Mountain has also been recognized as “a leading choice in wellness resorts.”  The environment is designed to empower and inspire every guest, and even those who are tattering the edge to discover a healthy lifestyle:

The resort boasts, “Each of our wellness professionals is a passionate, experienced specialist in his or her area of expertise, here to empower your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health.” 

Red Mountain also offers nutritional programs, personal discovery, wellness programs, and wellness retreats to add to their appeal.  Consider it for a relaxing, yet transformative healthy destination in 2017.

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