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Alot of people have problems with their skin when they use certain skincare products or makeup. Because of this sensitivity, they avoid those products in the future, figuring that this will solve the problem.  However, the reason for the skin sensitivity is often less a matter of the products themselves and more a matter of bad skincare habits.  If you break out in rashes or zits after using a skincare or makeup product, it is a good idea to figure out if your reaction is actually a reaction to those products or if it is really caused by something else.  After all, you can’t take care of the problem if you don’t understand the cause.  Read on to learn skincare tips that could make your skin less prone to breaking out.

Hydrate Your Skin

If your skin is prone to dryness, it is also more prone to developing rashes.  Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, and apply a hypoallergenic moisturizer daily to keep your skin moist.  Properly hydrated skin resists cracking and keeps allergens from getting inside where they can cause problems.

Eat Food that’s Good for Your Skin

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Not only do they help keep your skin hydrated, they also contain plenty of vitamins and minerals that help keep your skin healthy.  Avoid eating a lot of spicy food or drinking a lot of alcohol or caffeinated drinks, because these things can make your skin more sensitive.

Limit Your Exposure to the Sun

Sun exposure can make sensitive skin more prone to reddening and cracking.  Make sure to apply sun protection whenever you go outside.  Using umbrellas, hats, and sunglasses will also protect your skin from getting too much sun.

Be Careful of Air Conditioning and Heating

Your skin may also need protection inside.  If your home has air conditioning or forced air heating, you will need to be vigilant about keeping your skin moisturized.  Both of these kinds of temperature control can dry out your skin.  Drink plenty of water and apply moisturizer frequently.

Avoid Skin Products with Synthetic Fragrances and Artificial Colors

Fragrances and dyes are in skin care products because they supposedly make the products more appealing.  They do not actually do anything for your skin, though, and they can even cause allergic reactions, making your skin more sensitive.

Avoiding skincare products and makeup because they make your skin break out is not taking care of your skin problem, it is just avoiding the problem.  If you take better care of your skin, you might not only avoid bad reactions to these products, you can also reduce the risk of sudden rashes and acne breakouts from other causes.  Try these skincare tips and see if they make your skin problems go away.  However, a persistent skin problem that does not respond to anything is a matter for a dermatologist.  



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