By Christian Dischler

What started as an idea between church friends in 2019, The Nehemiah Project (TNP) has since found its place on the Northshore as a sanctuary for addiction recovery and life counseling.  Mike Linstead and Chad Wiles brought their expertise together, with the help of Laura Coley, to create the faith-based and non-profit organization in 2020.  Their mission is to help restore balance to the lives of those struggling though the implementation of fitness, mental wellness, faith and education.  

To support this mission, they each have a story of their own that they build upon.  Whether it’s alcoholism, generational trauma, or the difficulty of personal suffering; their life experiences provide them the empathy necessary to help others heal.  But even more powerful are their professional credentials, which help solidify TNP’s core values: truth, love, faithfulness, perseverance, and servanthood.

Linstead is a certified personal trainer and gives members the chance to develop foundational fitness habits.  Wiles is a lead pastor and certified Bible counselor, helping restore structure to broken lives.  Coley has a master’s degree in counseling that provides a clinical approach to addiction recovery.  Combined, their focus is to bring recovery through total health, and ultimately give resurrection to those they help.  By strengthening mind, body and spirit, they believe anyone is capable of overcoming their personal demons.  

They maintain an open-door policy for anyone seeking help with an addiction or personal struggle regardless of faith, and encourage those who are hesitant to come in to see their facility.  Fully outfitted with a gym, private counseling rooms, a nutritional supplement partnership with Sacred Earth, and a community study area to help individuals gain applicable job skills.  

To find out more or donate to TNP, visit or swing by their location at 1200 W Causeway Approach Mandeville, LA.

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