Respect Your Elders. Senior Citizens Matter!

By Elizabeth Impastato

Elder care image


The life of humans has expanded due to advances in science and healthcare.  Have you thought about growing older or what age will you be labeled “Senior Citizen” and be offered discounts by joining a senior program?  It is wonderful to grow older with so many options to help keep “Senior Citizens” active and healthy.  Most people can agree that the age of 55 years old seems very young to be thought of as old.  What about people that fall in the age group of 60-67, should this group get that rocking chair ready to plant their self and just watch life pass them by?  The age of 75-85 cannot slow down todays elders. 

Respect your elders, because they are full of knowledge and ready to set the bar higher for the next generation of Senior Citizens.  Today’s elder is still working, even running marathons and volunteering on the side.  This group knows how to manage their time in order to balance work/life and fun.  Most Senior Citizens are quick to say, “I don’t feel old.”  This group can hear better than most realize so show respect and include Senior Citizens in conversations.  This group of elders can add value to the younger generation not only by example but by talents they have to offer us.  Just look at the Rolling Stones sharing music.  The arts are a wonderful form of expression for Senior Citizens.   

Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy offers private art lessons.  The  private painting lessons are design to offer personal growth.  The student has two different packages to select their level of comfort.  The Drawing Journey is another option taught around the students busy schedule allowing for personal attention & a stress free experience. Please visit the gallery to view artwork for purchase and other unique services offered by 

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