By Kai Bragg

When you’re out for a day of fun and recreation, safety is always an important thing to consider.  If you take your pets along for the fun, be sure to think of them too.  Whether taking a walk, going for a car ride or spending time on the water, it’s up to us to keep our furry companions safe.

If you go out for a walk, be sure to keep your pets close.  Pets can easily stray into traffic, and using a leash is a great way to prevent them from getting injured.  Using a leash also helps prevent them from chasing potentially dangerous animals.  If you use a retractable leash, pay extra attention to what’s going on around you and your pets.  A retractable leash can allow excited pets to bolt into dangerous situations.

When riding in a car, be sure to strap your pets in.  We wear seatbelts for a reason, and our pets need them too. Seatbelts can make a huge difference in an accident, and can also help prevent your traveling companions from jumping out of moving vehicles.  If you bring your animals on car rides, and especially if they ride in the open bed of a truck, make sure they are securely fastened.

If you spend time on the water, whether swimming or boating, make sure your pets are protected.  For weak swimmers, a PFD can be a huge benefit.  Keeping unsure pets afloat, PFDs are a great way to introduce pets to water.  Preventing the worry of injury from fatigue, they can also help older pets continue to enjoy a nice swim. If boating is your recreation of choice, be sure to secure your pets as you would in a car. If an animal jumps out of a boat traveling at higher speeds, they can be severely injured from impacting the water.  Always provide your pets with an easy way to get out of the water.  There are many options for attachable boat steps, ramps and lifts that will allow your tired pets to climb safely out of the water.

Keeping your pets safe takes little extra time.  Consider these basic things when you bring your pets along for the fun.  Keep them out of traffic and safe from wild animals by using a leash.  Make sure you securely strap in pets when riding in a car or fast-moving boat.  Make use of a PFD for weak swimmers and always provide an easy way to get out of the water for swimming pets. 

Make sure you securely strap in pets when riding in a car or fast moving boat.

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