Save Money when booking your vacation

By: Quentin Arthur

Travel costs continue to rise every year. 

A short vacation that may have cost $500 a couple of decades ago could now come in at more than $1,500. Of course, if you would like to avoid emptying your bank account every time you want to travel to a new city or country, there are a few tips you can follow to save some cash.

1. Book Early

Most airlines and vacation companies would like to fill vacancies as soon as possible. As such, they often offer discounts to people who make their bookings early.  Reserving your spot at least six months in advance is an excellent way to save a significant sum of money when traveling. 

When making a booking several months early, you should be sure to check your travel partner’s cancellation policy. A lot can happen between your booking date and your travel date, so you should always be prepared to deal with sudden changes.

2. Use Multiple Airlines

When booking flights, most people use the same airline to get them to and from their destination.  However, traveling with the same company in both directions is not always the cheapest option.  Sometimes, you will find that it makes more financial sense to book your flights with two or even three different airlines. 

3. Use Travel Credit Cards

Travel credit cards allow you to earn points every time you use them to make certain purchases.  Once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for free air tickets, hotel upgrades and even car hire services. Using your travel reward points has the potential to knock hundreds of dollars off the cost of your next vacation.

4. Take Advantage of Coupons

Many airlines and hotels offer coupons that allow you to get a hefty discount on tickets or hotel stays.  Some vouchers will even allow you to earn double or triple points while traveling.  You may then be able to use those points to upgrade your ticket for an even more enjoyable getaway. 

5. Look for Free Activities

When you travel to a new place, there is absolutely no reason why you should need to spend a ton of cash on activities and attractions.  If you do a quick search online, you will almost certainly find dozens of interesting tours and adventures that you can enjoy for free.

Saving money and even traveling for free is entirely possible if you take time to seek out the right deals and employ a few strategies. If you plan your trip far in advance and take advantage of credit card rewards and other services, you can be well on your way toward an exciting trip and some extra spending money.

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