By Kristy Podruchny

Planting herbs in your garden can not only spice up your plate, they can be used as excellent groundcover. Why not grow a beautiful garden that’s also edible?

If you have a spot in your yard available that gets full sun, these herbs will be delighted to grow there. You might get inspired to make a pizza or perhaps a cup of tea.


Creeping oregano is an aromatic perennial that grows up to 6 inches and will gift you seasonally with small white flowers. Feel free to prune your oregano down to whatever height you’d like—it’s hardy and doesn’t mind the trim. Take care not to overwater.


Creeping thyme also thrives in a warm climate with full sun and doesn’t require frequent watering. Its stunning purple flowers will look wonderful between stepping stones and anywhere else you’d like to add a pop of low-maintenance color. You can also keep creeping thyme to 2 inches high, though it can stretch up to 10 inches if left to its own devices!


Rosemary would complete this low-maintenance Italian herb garden. The same rules for sun and water apply to creeping rosemary. Well-drained sandy soil will keep this herb content to spread through your garden. You’ll love its delicate, light purple bloom.


The apple-scented Roman chamomile will add a touch of enchantment to your garden with its white petals accented by a yellow center. This relaxing herb will grow in full to partial sun and can grow up to 12 inches. You can let the soil go dry before watering, but give it a bit of extra water after a hot day.


Do you have a shady spot that needs groundcover? Consider planting mint. Corsican mint, also known as creeping mint, makes a thick mat that can handle foot traffic well. Take care with mint—it will take over your garden when you’re not looking! Corsican mint will thrive in moist soil and this tiny groundcover will grow up to 1 inch tall. Let this fragrant group of herbs make every step through your garden memorable. Pruning in your backyard can become a foraging adventure through your own enchanted garden.



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